недеља, 02. децембар 2012.

Xbox 720 controller

Posted by Marko Rajević On 04:55 1 comment

What do you thing about Xbox 720? Many rumors tell us that the new Xbox 72o controller have motion sensor or a simple joystick.If would be a motion sensor it would be like this.

This is new version of Kinect brandname like Google glasses.With this you will have a hardcore game experience in your room with Wi-Fi enabled glasses.It will be a new and wild experience.

субота, 01. децембар 2012.

Xbox 720 Release Date and Price

Posted by Marko Rajević On 12:07 No comments
All rumors so far indicate that the new Xbox 720 will arive on sale about time of Christmas 2013.This is confirmed by Microsoft office because they told about Xbox 720 release date.From leaked information from Microsoft office we know a price of Xbox 720.It will be $299 (£190) and that price is pretty nice to us.At same time(Christmas 2013) is going to be released a PS4 so we could expect some competitive pricing.And we also expect a price with standard Cable TV will be about $100.That is all so far.